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NVIDIAs RVT can learn new tasks after just 10 demos

NVIDIA Robotics Research has announced new work that combines text prompts, video input, and simulation to more efficiently teach robots how to perform manipulation tasks, like opening drawers, dispensing soap, or stacking blocks, in real life.  Generally, methods of 3D object manipulation perform better when they build an explicit 3D representation rather than only relying on camera images. NVIDIA wanted to find a method of doing that came with less computing costs and was easier to scale than explicit 3D representations like voxels. To do so, the company used a type of neural network called a multi-view transformer to create virtual views from the camera input.  The team’s multi-view transformer, Robotic View Transformer (RVT) , is both scalable and accurate. RVT takes camera images and task language descriptions as inputs and predicts the gripper pose action. In simulations, NVIDIA’s research team found that just one RVT model can work well across 18 RLBench tasks with 249 task

Mecademics Micro-SCARA is now available for pre-order

With fast cycle times and mounting flexibility, Mecademic’s SCARA is ideal for a variety of applications including pick and place, assembly, lab automation, and more. | Credit: Mechademic Mecademic announced and showcased its latest robotic innovation at Automatica in Munich this past week . Early Access Program participants are testing this micro-SCARA robot across micro-automation applications that feature requirements such as high precision, speed, and a small footprint. “We launched the Early Access Program for our SCARA robot in May. This program included select distributors, integrators, and end customers across North America , Europe , and Asia . We greatly appreciate the level of application testing and feedback from these selected experts,” shared Philippe Beaulieu , Chief Commercial Officer at Mecademic Inc. “We are preparing for large-scale production to fulfill the pre-orders for this new micro-SCARA robot.” Building on the success and design principles of its Meca500

RadioGPT introduces World's first AI DJ

  News: RadioGPT introduces World's first AI DJ Global Conferences on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics More details: Visit Our Website: … Submission: Contact us: #artificialintelligence   #artificialintelligence   #robotics   #london   #ai   #artificialintelligence   #conferences   #ai   #awards   #technology   #engineering   #automation   #automation   #machinelearning   #event   #network   #communication   #video   #intelligence   #datascience   #deeplearning   #computerscience   #datascience   #computerscience In a groundbreaking move, a radio station in the United States has made history by introducing the world's first full-time DJ powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Alpha Media's KBFF Live 95.5 FM, based in the US, has employed Futuri Media's RadioGPT software to create an AI/synthetic version of their midday host, Ashley Elzinga, for their midday s

ROBOTIS unveils third generation of GAEMI AMR

ROBOTIS is a global leader and supplier of robotics solutions technology and the exclusive manufacturer of the DYNAMIXEL line of smart actuators. As an innovative service robot solution provider, ROBOTIS has been developing the indoor and outdoor versions of their next-generation Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) platform GAEMI (Pronounced Gèh-me). The GAEMI indoor hotel delivery robot has received significant amounts of development and improvement through each iteration of the platform, with customer interaction and satisfaction as the main priority. At HITEC Toronto 2023, ROBOTIS unveiled the newest, third-generation model. Key features of the GAEMI 3.0 platform include: Integrated AI-enabled manipulator (robot arm) supporting interaction with existing infrastructure (elevators, doors, keycards) Seamless multi-floor delivery operation to maximize serviceable areas Customizable storage, branding, and styling options are available GAEMI enables hotels to provide the best intra-fac

Celera Motion introduces larger Omni direct drive motors

Celera Motion introduces a larger version of their advanced Omni+ direct drive frameless motor. | Credit: Celera Celera Motion announced a new, larger version of its direct drive motor platform, the Omni+ Series . The Omni+ 130 mm (5.12 in) motor becomes the largest of the direct drive frameless motor series. All of the motors’ sizes offer the highest torque density and ultra-low cogging in a low profile and large aperture design. “The Omni+ Series is a game-changing product line designed specifically for surgical robotics and other high-precision applications,” said Facundo Lay, Motors and Mechatronics Product Manager at Celera Motion. “This groundbreaking series offers an unmatched combination of raw power, exceptional smoothness, and integration flexibility, setting a new standard for excellence in the precision-motion field. With Omni+, manufacturers can attain smoother, more accurate movements with less noise and vibration, all while optimizing space and simplifying their des

UR launches PolyScope X software platform

The PolyScope X interface. | Source: Universal Robots Universal Robots has announced PolyScope X a software platform with a new, customizable user interface, that will add new levels of flexibility to high-mix, low-volume machine tending automation. With PolyScope X, machine shop operators can achieve changeover times of less than 10 minutes – far below what is possible today with any other software. This will empower users to run more batches in a day and to run them in a more strategic and flexible way. PolyScope X is therefore ideal for high-mix, low-volume production and is introduced at a time when manufacturers all over the world are looking for increased flexibility to handle shifting and increasingly diverse orders. At the same time, PolyScope X introduces a powerful reworked programming experience and toolset. This enables integrators and OEM partners to structure their program code into operations that can be reused throughout the program, making each operation simple

Gather AI acquires assets of Ware Robotics to consolidate drone based inventory market

Gather AI , a provider of AI-powered autonomous inventory management solutions for warehouses using commodity hardware, announced that it is acquiring the business of Ware, another large player in the market. With this acquisition, Gather AI has doubled its staff to become a market leader in the competitive drone-based warehouse inventory space with 25 customers. The other two remaining competitors in this market are Swiss-based Verity, the first company to enter the market in 2014, and US-based Corvus Robotics . Both of these companies have built custom drones for gathering data in the warehouse. Verity is the largest of the four (now three) drone-based inventory management companies. “Understanding inventory levels is critical for creating accurate forecasts and managing in this environment. We offer real-time inventory visibility to our customers through our AI software which turns commodity drones into autonomous data-gathering machines,” Gather AI CEO Sankalp Arora said. “Acq

Industrial robot market to grow 5-7% out to 2027

Source: Interact Analysis Interact Analysis expects the global industrial robot market to grow 5-7% out to 2027. This long-term growth will be mostly driven by demand from the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing industry.  The industrial robot market has faced challenges in the last few years, including project delays and decreased spending on automation projects, due to global economic volatility and supply chain disruptions. Despite this, long-term projections remain steady, with EV manufacturing and new energy-related applications pushing global demand for industrial robots.  From 2023 onwards, Interact Analysis predicts investment confidence will continue to be low in the short term, resulting in end-users delaying large capital investments in industrial robotics projects. In the long term, however, demand from EV manufacturing lines and sectors like intra-logistics will fuel market growth of 5-7%.  Interact Analysis expects the average selling prices of industrial robots to

9th Edition of Global Conferences on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, 27-28 July 2023, Delhi-India👆

Global Conferences on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics 9th Edition of Global Conferences on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, 27-28 July 2023, Delhi-India👆 Artificial Intelligence conferences organized by ScienceFather group. ScienceFather takes the privilege to invite speakers, participants, students, delegates, and exhibitors from across the globe to its Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence conferences to be held in the Various Beautiful cites of the Delhi - India. More details: Visit Our Website: Visit Our Conference Submission: Contact us : #artificialintelligence   #artificialintelligence   #robotics   #unitedkingdom   #london   #ai   #artificialintelligence   #conferences   #ai   #awards   #technology   #engineering   #automation   #automation   #machinelearning   #event   #network   #communication   #video   #intelligence   #datascience   #deeplearning