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Titan Medical licenses out most of its IP to Intuitive, CEO steps down

Titan Medical recently announced it entered into a licensing agreement with Intuitive Surgical and that the company’s CEO is resigning. Under the agreement, robotic-assisted surgery company Titan Medical has granted Intuitive a non-exclusive license to all of Titan’s IP, with the exception of the IP that is exclusively licensed to another party under a June 2020 license agreement. The agreement includes an upfront payment of $7.5 million for certain intellectual property of Titan Medical. Titan will retain ownership of the licensed IP, along with the associated rights, including the right to continue to develop and commercialize the technologies covered by the licensed IP and the right to license the IP to other third parties, according to a news release. Corporate leadership and strategic update Also this week, Titan Medical announced that its board of directors had approved a strategic transition in the company’s business from the development and commercialization of robotic-as

Space robotics company GITAI brings in over $28M

GITAI, a space robotics company based in Japan, has brought in 4 billion yen, around $28.5 million, in a Series B extension round of funding. GITAI plans to use the funding to expand its business and technology development in the US.  The company hopes the round will help it to enhance the technology readiness level of GITAI’s Robotic Rover and Lunar Inchworm Type Robotic Arm, expand its engineering model/flight model manufacturing facilities in the US, and expand employment in the US.  GITAI’s Lunar Inchworm Type robot is a robotic arm with grapple end-effectors on both ends of the arm. The grapple end-effectors are GITAI’s proprietary technology that allows the end of robotic arms to be interchangeable. This allows users to connect various tools to the robot to perform multiple tasks and allows the arm to move autonomously if it has an end effector at both ends of the arm. GITAI’s Lunar Rover combines high-performance capabilities with affordability. It can aid in constructing es

Robotics investments top $1.63B in April 2023

Robotics investments totaled $1.63 billion in April 2023 as a result of 47 investments (see Table 1 below or download Table 1 HERE ). The April investments bring the 2023 robotics funding total to approximately $3.3 billion. Investments totaled $526 million in March 2023 , $620 million in February 2023 and $521 million in January 2023 .  Table 1: April 2023 Robotics Funding and Investment Company Amount Round Country Tech-Prod-Service Description 42dot $782,791,615 Other South Korea Autonomous Transportation Systems 42dot offers self-driving software and hardware solutions that enable and support autonomous mobility. aiEndoscopic $557,040 Seed Switzerland Surgical / Interventional Systems aiEndoscopic is developing robotics systems for endoscopic tracheal intubation. allocortech $75,000 Grant USA Actuators / Motors / Servos, Controllers Allocortech provides products for avionics, control systems, and general embedded systems for UAS and UAM aircraf

Serve Robotics to deploy up to 2,000 delivery robots with Uber

Serve Robotics , a robotic sidewalk delivery company, has given more insight into the scope of its partnership with Uber Technologies , which was announced in November 2021. Serve and Uber’s commercial agreement allows for Serve to deploy its robots on Uber Eats in multiple markets across the US, with up to 2,000 Serve robots to be deployed.  “We are thrilled to be growing our partnership with Uber,” Dr. Ali Kashani, co-founder and CEO of Serve Robotics, said. “This partnership is a major step towards mass commercialization of robotics for autonomous delivery, and it is a testament to the success of our partnership. We are excited to continue our work with Uber to bring this innovative technology to more cities across the country.” Serve’s robotic deliveries have grown 30% month over month since it started deliveries in 2022 , and over 200 restaurants in Los Angeles, where the robots were first deployed with Uber, are now participating.  Serve’s delivery robots navigate the sidewal

NVIDIA unveils updates for Metropolis for Factories, Isaac AMR & more

NVIDIA’s founder and CEO Jensen Huang unveiled a number of new projects from the company in his first in-person keynote in almost four years. NVIDIA’s latest innovations aim to ride the wave of generative AI advancements made in recent months.  “We’re now at the tipping point of a new computing era with accelerated computing and AI that’s been embraced by almost every computing and cloud company in the world,” Huang said at the conference. Huang also noted that 40,000 large companies and 15,000 startups now use NVIDIA technologies with 25 million downloads of CUDA software last year alone. Metropolis for Factories NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories is made up of a variety of factory automation workflows that enable industrial technology companies and manufacturers to develop, deploy and manage customized quality control systems.  Metropolis now includes a state-of-the-art AI platform and workflows to develop incredibly accurate inspection applications, like automated optical inspect

Global Conferences on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

  News: AI, Robotics, And How Work Is Changing? Global Conferences on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics More details: Visit Our Website: Visit Our Conference Submission: Contact us: #artificialintelligence   #artificialintelligence   #robotics   #unitedkingdom   #london   #ai   #artificialintelligence   #conferences   #ai   #awards   #technology   #engineering   #automation   #automation   #machinelearning   #event   #network   #communication   #video   #intelligence   #datascience   #deeplearning   #computerscience   #datascience   #computerscience Artificial Intelligence and Robotics have come to be the order of the day There will be fewer and fewer tasks that can be performed more effectively by a robot. I need to be precise. These are not things I wish would occur; rather, they are thoughts that are likely to occur, and we must then consider what we will do about them. I believe that a basic universal inc