Global Conferences on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Age of AI: Everything you need to know about artificial intelligence AI is appearing in seemingly every corner of modern life, from music and media to business and productivity, even dating. There’s so much it can be hard to keep up — so read on to find out everything from the latest big developments to the terms and companies you need to know in order to stay current in this fast-moving field. To begin with, let’s just make sure we’re all on the same page: what  is  AI? Artificial intelligence , also called machine learning, is a kind of software system based on neural networks, a technique that was actually pioneered decades ago but very recently has blossomed thanks to powerful new computing resources. AI has enabled effective voice and image recognition, as well as the ability to generate synthetic imagery and speech. And researchers are hard at work making it possible for an AI to browse the web, book tickets, tweak recipes, and more. Oh, but if you’re worried about a Matrix-type

IAM Robotics pivot teaches valuable lessons

The Pyxis solution from IAM Robotics is a complete person-to-goods workflow automation solution. | Credit: IAM Robotics I recently reported on IAM Robotics launching an automated solution designed for person-to-goods (P2G) warehouse workflow. The company is entering a new chapter focused on the hottest segment of autonomous mobile robot (AMR) applications and one that has already been proven through the efforts of companies like Locus Robotics and 6 River Systems . The rebirth of IAM Robotics is significant because it is the latest chapter in what was a valiant attempt to commercialize mobile manipulators. It’s also a poignant lesson in failed market fit and knowing when to pivot as a robotics startup. A classic garage startup IAM Robotics started in Vlad Altman’s Pittsburgh basement and quickly moved to a local township garage building to model a working warehouse. Co-founder Tom Galuzzo had a passion for mobile robots and a robotics degree from Carnegie Mellon University. At

Relay Robotics launches expanded cargo Relay2 robot

In this episode, we talk to Relay Robotics CEO Michael O’Donnell and CTO Steve Cousins about the features of the newly launched Relay2 delivery robot. O’Donnell discusses how the hotel foodservice market has changed during the pandemic and why third-party food delivery apps like Doordash have upended the room service market for hotels. The result is a renewed opportunity for a larger payload Relay robot to become an important addition to hotel service offerings for travelers. Cousins discusses the evolution of the elevator interface integration and the removal of the mechanical elevator-pushing interface, a key part of the Relay1 robot. Links mentioned in this episode: Relay Robotics Relay2 launch Tertill, maker of home weeding robot, merges with Harvest Automation Spot expands its senses and adds software features The post Relay Robotics launches expanded cargo Relay2 robot appeared first on The Robot Report . from The Robot Report - Robotics News, Analysis & Research

Foxy Fitzroy ROS2 releases reaches end of life

Image generated with Adobe Firefly beta. ROS2 release Foxy Fitzroy was released on June 5, 2020. Foxy was a major milestone in ROS 2 development and was the first ROS 2 release with a three-year long-term support window. The name Foxy Fitzroy references the Fitzroy River Turtle, Rheodytes leukops , which is endemic to the Fitzroy River in Queensland, Australia. The “foxy” adjective describes something that is cunning and shrewd, like how foxes are depicted in many cultures around the world. ROS 2 Foxy Fitzroy was built on top Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) and was a starting point for many developers moving their ROS 1 project to ROS 2. The release also includes a new C++ API with features for static executor performance improvements, topic performance statistics and WaitSet class as an alternative to executors. As the ROS community prepares for the new release Iron Irwini , it also brings an end to long-term support (LTS) release Foxy Fitzroy . If you’re a package maintainer, you a

Introducing AmbiSort B series

Ambi Robotics rolled out a major update to the website this week and introduced the new AmbiSort B series solution . The new B series features sort-to-gaylord workflow and the system can be configured for any number of sorting stations as required to achieve a customer’s desired throughput. With AmbiOS and Sim2Real simulation software, the system can be programmed and updated without a physical robot workstation. Ambi Robotics is leading the market with its simulation-first technology. In a simulation, throughput can be tested and evaluated, enabling decisions about the capacity of any configuration of a workstation. The AmbiSort B series solution is built around the AmbiSort bin-picking capabilities that the company introduced with the A series . An industrial robot, an overhead vision system, and AI-driven perception software are combined to locate and remove randomly organized boxes in a wheeled bin. The B series can service up to two bin-picking stations that are manually posit

ABB Robotics opens U.S. packaging and logistics headquarters

ABB today officially opened its new Robotics Packaging and Logistics Headquarters, located north of Atlanta in Alpharetta, Georgia. The new facility will serve as ABB‘s dedicated center for robotic automation solutions in the logistics and packaging industries. “We are delighted to open our new Robotics Packaging and Logistics Headquarters in Greater Atlanta, home to some of the world’s largest packaging and logistics companies,” said Sami Atiya, president, robotics & discrete automation at ABB. “With global mega trends including direct-to-consumer commerce and labor shortages driving demand for robots as companies look to move their operations closer to home, there is a growing demand for dedicated support and expertise from our U.S. packaging and logistics customers. Our new facility, supported by our manufacturing facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan, will help us meet this need by providing our customers with the latest, AI-enabled robotic solutions that improve their flexibil

Boston Dynamics’ Spot expands sensing, software features

Boston Dynamics has deployed more than 1,000 Spot quadrupeds in 35-plus countries. The company claims it has more quadruped robots deployed in industrial applications than any other vendor. The company has received more media attention for Spot than just about any other robot in recent years, and Spot continues to be a hit with the public at every demo. Boston Dynamics released several new features for Spot, reflecting the company’s collaboration with and feedback from customers. Long term, the company continues to support the goal of improving human-robot interactions on sites around the world and the longer-term journey toward general-purpose robots. To support improved inspection workflows in industrial environments, Spot can now be equipped with three new imaging sensors. The first is a thermal camera to detect overheating equipment, the second is an acoustic imager that provides alerts about abnormal noise readings (like air leaks) with a Fluke SV600 payload. Finally, there